B12 vitamins – An important vitamin for the body

B12 vitamins – The important vitamins for the body

The human body needs a wide variety of vitamins in order to always be in good physical and mental condition. This includes among others the B12 vitamins.

The vitamin B12 is a real all-rounder for the body and should not be missing. But what exactly is it good for and how do we get the important vitamins?

What is B12 vitamins good for?

Vitamins B12 are necessary for tasks in the field of metabolism. They even take over numerous things in this area, which is why they are of particular importance for the body.

Among other things, the vitamin is important for the nervous system.

Likewise it is for the blood formation as well as for the detoxification inevitably. In addition, it is responsible for the breakdown of fatty acids.

Another important role of B12 vitamins is to convert folic acid so that it can also be used by the body.

So the scope of vitamins B12 is really very diverse knitted.

Surely now everyone will be able to imagine why there should be no lack of B12 vitamins in the body.

Avoid deficiency of B12 vitamins at all costs

A lack of B12 vitamins is something people should avoid at all costs. Otherwise, it would have a negative effect on the physical and mental condition after a considerable period of time.

It should be noted, however, that a deficiency of the vitamin does not happen from one moment to the next.

Only if no B12 vitamins were supplied over a long period of time, deficiency symptoms occur. Vitamin B12 is stored by the liver, provided the person is healthy.

Once the B12 store is filled, the body can easily go three or even five years without renewed intake.

So if you are healthy and do not take B12 vitamins over a period of time, you do not have to worry about it.

Where to find B12 vitamins?

Vitamin B12 is present in our food. A balanced diet of animal foods thus ensures an adequate supply of the vitamins.

The diet should therefore be well mixed and above all include fish, eggs and meat.

A small amount of B12 vitamins is also present in dairy products. These foods do not have to be supplied in masses.

To meet the need for B12 vitamins, eating fish or meat once or twice a week is usually enough.

Occasionally also an egg offers itself. So no one necessarily has to resort to dietary supplements.

What do vegetarians and vegans?

Vegans and vegetarians, of course, have to get their B12 vitamins in a different way. Otherwise there will be sooner later deficiency symptoms.

While there are also a few plant foods available that come with a small amount of vitamin B12. But whether the body can utilize the vitamin B12 is not proven.

An alternative would be vitamin B12 dietary supplements, which are available in many stores.

These also bring the necessary amount of vitamin B12 with them. For people who avoid animal foods, this is always a good option.

Vegetarians can still supply B12 vitamins better. You just need to eat eggs and dairy products more often.

Veganer should compellingly in regular intervals the B12 need by a blood control to be determined let.

Which deficiency symptoms are there?

The vitamin B12 deficiency becomes noticeable only after a long time, because the body still has certain depots and uses them up first.

Probably the first sign of B12 vitamin deficiency is anemia.

Hair loss is also a sign that there is a lack of the important vitamin in the body.

In addition, depressive phases and poor memory are possible with vitamin B12 deficiency. But the list of symptoms is even longer.

Headaches, muscle weakness and fatigue are also among the accompanying symptoms.

Anyone suffering from these symptoms should definitely see a doctor and have a blood test done. There you can find out if there is a lack of B12 vitamin.

Recognizing B12 deficiency at an early stage

It is very important to detect a deficiency at an early stage. The lack can affect the concerning nevertheless clearly.

However, it is also the case that an undersupply cannot be determined directly, even if corresponding signs are already present.

That is why it is important to measure holotranscobalamin. This indicates which vitamins are currently active.

Such a test is usually not performed so often due to much higher costs.

If the test shows that there is indeed a vitamin B12 deficiency, the diet should be changed quickly or vitamin B12 supplements should be taken.

Is also an overdose of B12 vitamins possible?

By the way, no healthy person needs to be afraid of an overdose.

If the body is provided with more B12 vitamins than can be absorbed, this is simply no longer absorbed through the intestinal wall.

If too high a dosage is taken, the vitamin that has been taken in too much is released by the kidneys.

In sick people, on the other hand, side effects can occur if there is too much vitamin B12 in the body.

Those who suffer from hepatitis, leukemia, metastases in the liver or polycythaemia vera, for example, may suffer from an allergic shock.

Conceivable, but rather rare, hypersensitivity in the form of eczema and similar phenomena can occur.


Vitamin B12 is important for the body, which is why people should make sure they eat a varied and good diet with one or two meat or fish meals a week.

Those who do not eat animal foods have the possibility to take B12 supplements. This is how the lack of B12 vitamins in the body is counteracted.

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