Cancer diseases – prevention instead of aftercare

Prevention instead of aftercare for cancer diseases

Cancer diseases are the second most common cause of death in Germany. Foremost among these is breast cancer, a malignant tumor that occurs predominantly in women.

Special risk factors in the development of breast cancer

The main risk factors for breast cancer are hormonal and genetic. The risk of developing breast cancer is increased for women who have two cases of breast cancer in their direct family. A special tumor-genetic consultation is recommended for those affected in order to better assess their personal risk and to detect possible cancer at an early stage.

Female sex hormones have a special influence on the development and growth of malignant tumors in the breast. This increases the risk of developing breast cancer for women who have undergone hormone therapy as a result of their menopausal symptoms.

The same applies to women who have their menstrual period before the age of 12. The first child must be born after the age of 30 or before the age of 30, or the first child after the age of 30. women who have had a mammogram.

Prevention and early detection of cancer through self-examination

An important aspect of breast cancer prevention is early detection through self-examination. It not only helps to detect cancers as early as possible, it also creates the necessary awareness for more personal responsibility.

This self-detection, the palpation of the breast, should be performed once a month, approximately 5 to 7 days after the onset of menstruation. The examination should first be performed while standing in front of a mirror. Attention should be paid to the shape and size of the breast, as well as to changes in color.

When lifting the arms, pay attention to the even contraction of the nipples and the appearance of shadows or dents in the lower breast area. The actual palpation of the breast is done with the hand lying flat, and each quarter of the breast should be examined individually.

The next step is the palpation of the two armpits. There, one usually feels the lymph nodes, which are completely normal and feel uncomfortable when pressed. If you feel any indurations that are larger than 1 centimeter in circumference, a medical examination is recommended. Both palpation examinations should then be repeated again while the patient is lying down.

Medical screening options for cancerous diseases

In addition to these methods of self-examination, women over the age of 30 should also. The most important aspect of breast cancer prevention is early detection through self-examination, which is an important aspect of breast cancer prevention. This includes the six-monthly routine examinations by the gynecologist and from the age of 50. The mammogram, an X-ray examination of the breast, is performed before the age of 12.

A new method of early detection is the model project „Discovering hands“, in which palpation is performed by specially trained blind people who have a highly developed sense of touch.

By carrying out and taking advantage of the measures described above, each individual can make a personal contribution to early detection and help prevent the possible development of the disease.

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