Natural food supplement for the maintenance of health

Natural food supplement

The market of artificially manufactured products for dietary supplements is booming. Chemical additives are in the foreground here, but their effectiveness is often not given. In addition, the intolerance is often proven, whereby the organism is often also too much burdened.

Natural food supplementation – What to consider?

In contrast, gentle and natural supplements are definitely a very good choice to maintain and promote health. The active substances are absorbed by the body and show there also their effectiveness.

It is however in each case to be made certain that these natural products convince by a high measure of quality, which is to be found in the appropriate regions, and a harvest-fresh processing is granted. Therefore also the choice of an appropriate offerer is surely a substantial factor in this connection.

The family business Dr. Hittich, for example, has become one of the leading and most recognized manufacturers in the field of dietary supplements.

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Natural food supplementation – health strengthening by krill oil

The fish oil is said to be an optimal prevention of diseases due to its high content of the so-called omega 3 fatty acids. This is also scientifically proven. But often the intake was accompanied by heartburn and bad breath and is difficult to digest.

The new product Mega-Rot® from Dr. Hittich strengthens health with krill oil. Krill oil is an optimal alternative in the context of the important omega 3 intake.

The substance extracted from Antarctic krill (shrimp-like invertebrates) is 100% natural offers users extensive benefits such as:

  • High level of tolerance,
  • Lowering cholesterol in a natural way,
  • Protection against heart disease and for blood vessels,
  • Positive effect on the ability to concentrate,
  • Positive influence also on the central nervous system.

About Dr. Hittich

100% nature – this is the motto of the family company Dr. Hittich. Dr. Reinhard Hittich is the founder and head of the company of the same name based in Kerkrade in the Netherlands. The doctor of biochemistry has been using pure and natural food supplements since 1992, which are produced gently without chemical additives and have proven to be extremely effective.

Around 100 health products and natural dietary supplements the family business now carries in its portfolio. The processed raw materials for all products come from regions where top quality is actually guaranteed.

The low-cost suppliers thus fall through the cracks and play no role for the former employee in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. The active ingredients are actually absorbed by the body and convince through optimal tolerability.

With its service team (nutritionists, certified nutritionists, alternative practitioners), the company is also available to interested parties with advice and support around the clock. The consultation is free of charge.

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