What does the health insurance pay for Heilpraktiker

What does the health insurance pay for alternative practitioners – Overview of the GKV and PKV

Many patients often want an alternative method of treatment because conventional medicine has not had any effect on them. The special thing about these treatment methods is that they are gentler on the body and not only the disease itself, but the whole body is used for healing. These treatment methods include acupuncture, chiropractic and homeopathy. In most cases, this method of treatment is not covered by the statutory health insurance. However, there are exceptions, which should be examined more closely.

The treatment costs at the alternative practitioner can be negotiated between patient and alternative practitioner. The fee schedule for non-medical practitioners (Geb├╝H) serves as a basis. However, this is only a benchmark and the cost should be asked beforehand.

In addition, there is a reimbursement of costs according to the Hufeland directory. All remedial procedures are listed in this directory and are constantly updated. If alternative methods are listed in this Hufelandverzeichnis, then there is a real chance that the statutory health insurance (GKV) also cover these costs. However, a recognized doctor must perform this healing method. The statutory health insurance companies keep a list of the regionally responsible alternative practitioners. Among these the health insurance patient may select then.

Members of private health insurances (PKV) have no problems with this. You can freely choose your health tariff. If treatment by a non-medical practitioner is included in the tariff, the costs for the treatment do not need to be paid for. Billing is based on the fee schedule for alternative practitioners as well as on the Hufeland method. How high the actually paid rate is, depends on the respective private health insurance as well as on the chosen tariff.

Does it make sense for people with statutory health insurance to take out additional health insurance for the non-medical practitioner??

Since the statutory health insurance companies are cutting more and more services from their program, many patients have already decided to take out additional health insurance. With such a supplementary insurance one is quasi a private patient, because they take over for example a co-payment for dentures, eyeglasses and make possible in addition with an stationary stay in a hospital the single room and the Chefarztbehandlung.

This additional health insurance also covers the costs of alternative medicine if this has been agreed in the tariff. Basically, every legally insured person can only be advised to take out additional health insurance, because the statutory health insurance companies will increasingly reduce their benefits.

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