Anti weight strategy – become slim and healthy

Slim and healthy with the anti-weight strategy

You have already tested diets and lost again and again? Then you try nevertheless once completely different way with the anti weight strategy.

Weight reduction with acupuncture, hypnosis and homeopathy.

Program yourself to be slim and block the feeling of hunger with the Anti Weight Strategy. The individual multiple strategy against the pounds by acupuncture, hypnosis and homeopathy.

Desire for figure – the anti-weight strategy

Slim as desired by acupuncture, hypnosis and homeopathy with the anti-weight strategy of alternative practitioner Klaus J. Benner.

By controlling your subconscious mind in hypnosis and with the help of acupuncture and homeopathy you will lose weight without dieting and without yo-yo effect and achieve your ideal figure.

Weight loss

Excess weight is probably the biggest danger for our health. Most people also instinctively feel that excess weight is unhealthy and try to lose weight. With the necessary self-discipline, almost any diet is suitable for this purpose, but the bigger problem is to keep the weight off.

This is where slimming cures fail and so you subsequently gain back pound by pound. So, an ideal method must provide a solution to both parts of the problem: First, reliably lose weight without much effort, but then also show a way to maintain that weight.

Here is this method:

Lose weight quickly and reliably with hypno-acupuncture

After analysis of nutrition and eating habits and a determination of the basal metabolic rate, an individual list of recommendations follows (no diet), so that the target weight is reached and maintained without torture. Contents from this analysis are used for hypnosis treatment.

Hypno-acupuncture is a combination of two proven methods, ACUPUNCTURE and HYPNOSIS. With the ear acupuncture applied here 4-6 needles are set into the left ear. Since each needle enters the skin only about 1mm deep, this treatment is painless in most cases.

The needles remain then, depending upon findings, 15-20 minutes in the ear. Hereby appetite and hunger feeling are dampened, the digestion is stimulated and the organism is activated, in order to be able to carry out the orders given in the HYPNOSIS also.

Depending on the type, or if desired, permanent acupuncture needles can be used instead of the classic needles, which remain in special points in the ear for up to 3 weeks.

Slimming starts in the head.

This is followed by hypnosis treatment. The hypnosis is a pleasant light relaxation hypnosis. The patient does not go into a trance or become dependent on the will of the hypnotist, as some people think, but lies comfortably on a couch or sits in a comfortable chair.

In this pleasant state of relaxation, the contact with the subconscious mind is closed, so that every word is directly imprinted in the subconscious mind.

The hypnosis treatment is recorded on a tape and is therefore necessary only once, because the patient can listen to this tape regularly at home until the desired weight is reached.

In hypnosis, the following suggestions are then given, for example:

You no longer have an appetite, you do not care about eating. You eat only very small portions and are immediately completely full. You will lose 2 pounds every week and feel completely comfortable …

The tape runs for about 30 minutes and should be listened to at least once a day, more often is better and increases the effect. The best time is in the evening before going to bed and at noon after meals.

Once the desired weight is achieved, you no longer need to listen to the tape.


With the help of homeopathy, via the prescription of an individual homeopathic remedy, the weight-reducing measures are supported.

This is a fast and reliable way to reduce your weight without harming your health.

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