Trauma – with the help of constellations dissolve mental splits

Trauma – Mental splits and their internal healing

What have we not already done everything to free ourselves from an emotional chaos or even trauma in which we live? Or to get rid of mental stress and diseases?

We try to do it through actions in the outside world by z.B. moving to another city, changing jobs, separating from partners, beating addictions and addictions through abstinence, etc..

Or we try it with perseverance slogans: “It’s not so bad after all. Life is just not a joy and you just have to go through it.”

Or we think “esoteric” and surround ourselves only with “good vibes”. We simply exclude the evil world and people with not so good vibrations from our lives, then we are fine.

These and similar strategies are how we eventually evolved to survive and function. But is that really living?

The soul does not leave us alone so easily. Many masters have said again and again: “Just get out and live in the now”.

Simply said, however, if the personal suffering stems from a trauma within the family system, how can one simply get out of it??

Is it even possible to find a way out of illness, addiction, fear, grief and despair?

New ways in trauma work with the help of constellations

When a person has a traumatic experience themselves, z.B. the early loss of one or both parents, or the sudden death of another loved one, he is often unable to do the necessary mourning work. The affected person suffers a trauma of loss.

By an experience in which one is very close to death oneself, such as z.B. a traffic accident or a crime, an existential trauma occurs.

In addition to these immediate traumas, however, there are also indirect traumas. For example, if the parents have had bad experiences, they are no longer emotionally accessible to the children.

An attachment disorder develops between parents and child, whereby the child is indirectly traumatized.

Alcohol addiction, violence and sexual abuse, children who have been given away, abortions, war experiences, suicides or murders are often the causes of such attachment traumas or traumas of the attachment system. Attachment system trauma.

Sometimes the traumatic origin even lies three or four generations back.

Traumatization in a family system can lead to illnesses and stresses in the most diverse forms.

The person who has a clinical picture has often not made the trauma experience himself, but merely taken it over. It is the symptom carrier in the family.

The child carries the identity of the parents within itself and cannot easily get rid of it. Has z.B. the mother a heavy fate, the child takes over this fate and the associated trauma.

The child absorbs everything from the mother into his soul, the good (the love), but also the burdensome (the trauma).

The same applies to the child, if the mother is burdened by the fate of the grandparents.

This raises the question of whose truth we are actually living. Is it my own pain or do I carry the pain of my parents within me??

As the trauma experience is passed down through the generations, its origin and content becomes more and more unclear and diffuse.

The stressful symptoms (anxiety, listlessness, depression, addiction, compulsions, physical illnesses, personality disorders and psychoses) that we perceive in ourselves can no longer be classified and make us downright crazy.

When it is no longer possible to bear the pain and suffering of traumatic experiences, the soul splits up.

A part of the soul stores the experiences and emotions that were experienced in the trauma and retreats. This is the traumatized part.

Another part now ensures that the terrible feelings are no longer so easily accessible and are repressed. Thus, it can “overcome” the trauma and continue to live without going crazy.

It is the surviving part. This part makes sure that the traumatized part is separated and kept away from conscious acting and thinking.

But the price is high, because with the split-off part, a part of the true self, feelings and strength is also missing. The repressed potential continues to work in secret and causes the negative symptoms mentioned above.

A third important part is the healthy part of the soul. This healthy part existed before the trauma experience, and it continues to exist after the trauma.

We all have this part in us, but are not or not sufficiently in contact with it because of the stressful experiences.

The more complex the traumatization in a family system, the stronger and more complex is the splitting process described above. This mechanism of action applies to both direct and indirect trauma experiences.

The work with constellations offers a very good way to get out of this mechanism and to find more to oneself again. We all, I think, would like to get out of the drama.

However, this requires the courage to become aware of the entanglements, illusions and repressions in which we live.

And it requires respect for fate and gratitude to our surviving part, because this part has made it possible for us to exist in life.

Specifically, multigenerational systemic psychotraumatology (MSP) according to Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert opens a way to make the different parts visible and to get in contact with them again.

The goal of the constellation is to reunite and integrate the different parts of the person.

It is not a quick therapy, several steps are necessary. However, the experience of this work shows that there is a way out of trauma, even when the soul is at a loss and everything seems hopeless.

This should give us courage to go new ways and to see the constellation work in a new light.

Literature reference: Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert: “Three souls in my chest” Trauma – splitting and inner healing, 2007

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