Antiviral plants – natural active substances for strengthening the immune system

Antiviral plants to strengthen the immune system

The experiences of the last months have sufficiently proven how important it is to develop own initiative. Antiviral plants, such as hellebore and common burnet, are ancient remedies. Scientific studies confirm its effectiveness against viruses.

This also applies to more familiar plants, such as rosemary or sage, ginger or horseradish, coneflower or lemon balm.

Antiviral plants thanks to natural active ingredients

In this work by multiple bestselling author Siegrid Hirsch, the most effective antiviral plants are compiled.

The book is a manual for self-cultivation, a recipe book, a reference book and a plea for respect for the plant siblings that accompany us through a healthy life with their subtle and still far too little researched cocktails of active ingredients.

Viruses have always had an influence on the development of living beings, drive evolution forward and are not always only harmful. Living things are attacked by viruses and develop counter strategies.

Plants are also constantly subject to this pressure and have therefore developed an immune system. It is important to get to the plants and their ingredients optimally, so that they also work for us humans.

Many species, such as brownelle and lemon balm, grow wild in our gardens, while others can be cultivated.

In addition, this book contains multi-page portraits of the plants, tips on collecting and processing, as well as simple preparations and instructions for
a strengthening of the immune system, because modern medicine knows hardly treatment possibilities against viruses.

A self-experiment with the healing powers of nature is worthwhile in any case, if you know how to do it! And this is what you will learn in this impressive work!

Antiviral plants

Natural active substances to strengthen the immune system

Freya Publishing House
1. Edition 2021 – Softcover
192 pages, four-color throughout, with many photos
Format: 17 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-3-99025-416-5
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About the author

Siegrid Hirsch, close to nature, grew up in unspoiled countryside in the easternmost tip of Austria, attended the Höhere Technische Lehranstalt für Hochbau (technical college for structural engineering). She has been working with medicinal plants since her youth.

After her marriage and the birth of her children, her interest in alternative healing methods grew. She first wrote for several regional newspapers and then worked for many years as an editor and presenter for radio and television at the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation).

Already initiated by her mother into the use of medicinal plants, she completed her training in medicinal plants and botany with distinction at Ignaz Schlifni’s medicinal herb school. Her commitment led her to the largest herbal association in Austria, where she serves as a board member.

Since 1996 she has also been working as a successful author. Her all-embracing, practical plant books always become bestsellers. Since 2002 she leads the editorial staff of the magazine “Gesundheitsbote”.

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