So important is the right shoe on our feet

So important is the right shoe on our feet

The right fitting shoe is one of the most important things, so that we can really walk well and move freely and carefree. Our feet carry us throughout our lives and accompany us day and night.

They support our upright gait in every respect and make it possible in the first place. Even a small blister on the heel or a tiny splinter of wood in the heel quickly shows us how sensitive our feet are.

The better and more carefully we choose our footwear, the healthier and more beneficial it is for our entire body.

Comfort is everything

If the shoe presses, this usually has fatal consequences. Thick blisters form on heels or on toes. Pressure points and even the nail bed including the affected nail can be damaged if the shoe presses in some places when worn.

As a rule, we often buy shoes that do not fit exactly, and even if they appear to be a perfect fit when we try them on, they can still be very uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

What criteria should be considered?

The most important thing when choosing shoes is to pay attention to certain criteria in advance when fitting them, which you should definitely consider.

If the shoe is chosen in the appropriate size, always make sure while standing that there is still plenty of room for the toes at least a thumb’s width to the front to the end of the shoe. It should also be ensured that the shoe fits in the instep and does not already press slightly during the fitting and feels too tight.

The same is true in the heel area. Everything that is already minimally noticeable during the first wearing, manifests itself all the more during further wearing. The comfort of the shoe ultimately depends on the first time it is worn and tried on.

The variety of different models should already be present to be able to expand the selection of the right shoe. Comfortable shoes at Schuhglück, for example, have the advantage of being available in a variety of shapes and models in all colors and designs, all optimized for the perfect fit. For all types of walking and running, wearing and feeling good.

The shoe changes the gait pattern

Shoes are used for easier and comfortable walking. And depending on what we need them for and on what occasion, they should be adapted accordingly and fit perfectly.

For hiking and sports must be a special shoe, with insoles and footbed, or even various support mechanisms. The footbed is important to be able to cushion every gait and footfall.

And also in people who are already suffering from certain ailments, such as osteoarthritis or even misalignments of the spine and hip or knee problems suffer.Because the shoe changes and shapes the gait pattern of the person. It can influence it positively as well as negatively.

If the shoe does not fit well, or if the footbed insoles are missing, for example, this can have a negative effect on the entire body, posture and walking and running.Pain in the back, knees and hips are usually the result of this.

So always pay attention to the fact that depending on the complaints or also clinical picture of the extremities and the spinal column or the hips and knee joints, the absolutely well-fitting shoe is worn in each case.

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