Argan oil – the miracle oil from Morocco.

Argan oil – the miracle oil from Morocco

For many centuries, argan oil has been considered a miracle product in the fields of cosmetics, health and the food industry. Only since a few years the oil of the argan tree finds its place also in the European widths. Originally it comes from Morocco, where the argan tree is cultivated in very small quantities.

The precious oil is extracted from the kernels of the argan fruit using complex processes and then transported to the world’s major industrial factories.

Arganöl exhibits a very high cost price by its small manufacturing portion. For a liter scarcely 250 euro must be paid according to today’s measure.

Enhanced healing effect through argan oil

Especially for skin problems argan oil has proved its worth. It is very rich and has special vitamin complexes that not only protect the skin from drying out, but also keep it soft and supple.

At the same time, the rich oil also manages to develop a disinfecting effect, so that especially fungal diseases and bacterial infections can be fought with argan oil.

This way the skin becomes healthy again without attacking the healthy skin areas. Circulatory disorders in the leg area or cold feet can also be treated with the healing oil, so that the blood can flow through the veins again healthy.

Currently, argan oil is discovered as a new remedy against skin aging, which reduces wrinkles and gives the skin a young glow.

Argan oil – The special ingredient in modern cosmetics

No ingredient is currently so frequently used in new cosmetic products as argan oil, because it not only has healing powers, but can also enhance and improve beauty in the form of creams, shampoos or conditioners.

The native argan oil is used for most cosmetic products, which can be absorbed especially quickly and guarantees for a fast effect.

In hair conditioners against hair breakage it is often used to smooth the roughened hair structure and thus keep it supple and healthy.

The oil is also used for very dry skin, which is also prone to skin impurities. The oil moisturizes and removes skin impurities at the same time.

Taste for balanced dishes

Argan oil is extracted from the roasted argan kernels and then processed into high-quality edible oil. It can be refined with some spices and given over a salad.

Due to the slightly fatty ingredients of the argan oil, the taste buds are stimulated and the salad gets a special aroma.

Argan oil is also suitable for the preparation of barbecue sauces and other delicatessen sauces, which can be put on meat dishes, fish or simply on bread.

Once the oil is absorbed, it can continue its healthy effect inside the body and strengthen the skin from the inside.

The processing makes`s!

The best argan oil is produced with elaborate production processes. The higher the price of creams with argan oil, the more is contained of this healthy substance.

The best results are achieved with pure oil, which can be purchased in the form of bottles in pharmacies and drugstores.

Good argan oil is characterized by a slightly nutty smell and a golden color, free of small residues.

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