House dust mites and the health effects

House dust mites and the health effects

House dust mites are one of the most common mite species found in the home. There are countless species which can live in dust. But that is not the worst. Much worse is the feces that these arachnids leave behind. Because there is no prescription for it. Only a little hygiene can prevent the further spread of dust mites.

And especially when it comes to the spread in the household, these dust mites are true all-rounders. No matter whether it is a carpet, or a mattress, they can be found everywhere. A house dust mite cannot be identified with the naked eye. The nasty thing about it is that humans actively contribute to the fact that the house dust mite can feel comfortable.

Since skin flakes are always lost, this is the ideal food for all mite species living in the house. The temperature, or also air humidity can then decide whether more females, or males develop.

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House dust mites are also real gourmets. Because when it comes to dander, older and soggy dander is the most preferred. It is therefore quite possible that there are more mites in older people.

Provided there is no allergy, these mites are harmless to humans and animals. But if it comes then times to an allergy, the effects are immense and should not be underestimated in any way.

Dust mite allergy, the classic symptoms

The classic symptoms are sneezing, redness, or even shortness of breath. It is then possible that these mites can cause permanent diseases such as asthma. Anyone who feels threatened by dust should see a doctor immediately. Regular airing, but also washing of laundry and the like can actively combat this plague of mites.

House dust mite species

There are about 35 mite species that live in the home. Among them it is only a fraction, which has to do with dust. What many do not know is that in one gram of dust, up to 10.000 mites can be located. It can then even be that eyes, nose and also ears itch, or a strong itching must be taken into account.

These mites leave behind 200 times their weight in feces. Therefore, always use a vacuum cleaner with a hepa filter, so that even carpets can be removed from these mites. Also, slipcovers or wooden floors can help to limit the habitat of mites.

Tips against dust mites

With a few tricks it is however possible in the twinkling of an eye to make more fresh air possible in the room. Ultrasonic devices, which must be simply plugged into the socket, make a mite-free future possible. The advantage here is that not much needs to be added. All mites, as well as other vermin, are reliably expelled from the rooms.

Then it can also be worthwhile to buy a mattress protector for allergy sufferers or to spray the mattresses or upholstered furniture briefly with mite spray every day, so that after a few weeks only a few of these mites need to be present.

It may also be worth throwing away old mattresses. It can additionally help not to undress directly next to the bed, otherwise possible skin flakes can be spread on the bed.

If there is no washing machine, you can use the refrigerator. For freezing or cooling certain items, can work wonders. It is mainly objects such as soft toys, which are increasingly affected.

For more tips on how to combat dust mites, I can recommend the site of the mite professional!

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