Fire protection with real estates, consultation is important and necessary

Fire protection in real estate

Fire protection in real estate is a very important topic. With modern houses often already due to well thought out building regulations and optimally selected materials sufficient security is given.

But this has not always been the case, which is why there is often still room for improvement in existing buildings.

Finest Invest GmbH gives tips to the fire protection with real estates

Dresdner Finest Invest GmbH is considered an accomplished expert in the real estate market and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Accordingly, the company can give useful tips on what to look out for.

Smoke detectors as important rescuers in case of emergency

It is a figure that makes one sit up and take notice: According to one statistic, about 500 people are killed by fires in Germany each year. Most cases occur at home.

The predominant cause of death is not burns, but smoke poisoning.

The danger is particularly great during sleep, because then the human sense of smell does not work. But it does not have to come so far.

Smoke detectors are now mandatory in all German states – but regulations vary.

While the regulation in Saarland has already applied to all new buildings and conversions since 2004 and existing homes had to be retrofitted by the end of 2016, Berlin is one of the laggards.

There the obligation for new buildings takes effect only since this year and with existing buildings a Nachr?fte is intended until 2020.

In Saxony, the main area of activity of Finest Invest GmbH, smoke detectors have been mandatory since 1. January 2016 required for new construction and renovation.

And with good reason: The small devices are to be understood as lifesavers in case of emergency.

At the first development of smoke, they trigger an alarm and thus warn the occupant in good time.

Pay attention to electrics and insulation, use fire extinguishers

But in addition to these more than useful devices, there are other tips to look out for when it comes to fire safety in real estate.

The Finest Invest GmbH advises before the purchase of a real estate also to a thorough view of the used materials.

A rule of thumb is: The older the house, the less likely it is to meet modern fire safety standards.

Styrofoam sheets, which in the past were often placed under basement ceilings for insulation, are considered particularly risky.

If they catch fire, toxic gases are produced. In some partition walls and in some attics, easily combustible insulation materials were also used in the past.

Should a reconstruction have taken place in the meantime, however, the fire protection regulations should be largely complied with.

The reason for this is simply the fact that the commercially available materials meet the current standards and are therefore safe.

It may also prove helpful to have an expert check the property’s electrical system in advance.

Especially porcelain fuses, which are used instead of modern toggle switches, are an indication of outdated technology.

In addition, the main supply line should also be examined more closely. These steps preclude the possibility of electrical hazards being created in this way.

In addition, everyone can avoid possible fire hazards themselves when it comes to interior design. Electrical appliances occasionally tend to generate heat.

They should therefore find their place not in niches and instead with good ventilation.

In addition, the Finest Invest GmbH, also recommends the purchase of one or more fire extinguishers.

In the stairwell, in the kitchen or on the attic they can be set up particularly meaningfully.

Use competent assistance with the real estate search

Finally, it is always advisable to rely on the support of a competent partner when purchasing a property.

Finest Invest GmbH itself accompanies its clients from the first meeting to the final appointment with a notary public.

The team goes thereby to the desires and financial possibilities of each individual customer completely concretely.

Meanwhile, the company was more than 2.500 times successful in this way.

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