Remove make-up gently and pore-deep – tips and tricks

Removing make-up gently and deep into the pores

Most make-up and cosmetic products are water-repellent and adhere to the skin for a particularly long time. Various manufacturers promise that kajal and lipstick can also withstand a lot when swimming. Removing make-up is a challenge for many women: if they want to remove make-up thoroughly, they often use harsh products.

These can irritate the sensitive skin of the face, especially when working extensively with skin-covering cosmetics. Read in this guide how to remove make-up gently and cleanly.

Dissolving make-up with grease: Dry cleaning

If the make-up is only wiped off with a cotton pad, smudges occur and large parts of the eye make-up usually remain. Wiping the face too vigorously can result in unpleasant feelings of tension on the skin or a burning sensation.

You can avoid this if you pre-treat the made-up areas of skin with a little grease cream. Care products for facial cleansing are best suited for this purpose, such as those that can be ordered from Fabcare.

The advantage over other skin creams and lotions is that the pH value of the skin is not affected. Care products for make-up removal dissolve make-up residues, which can then be picked up more easily with the cotton pad.

Make up washing off: Wet cleansing

If residues remain despite thorough make-up removal, they can be quickly removed with lukewarm water and skin-friendly washing lotions. Make sure that no facial cleanser gets into the eyes or other sensitive mucous membranes in the facial area.

In case of accidental eye contact, rinse out any soap residue with warm water until the eyes no longer sting. Any redness should disappear within a few minutes.

Aftercare: Clarifying toner and face masks

Those who have problems with quickly oily skin and skin prone to pimples can use a facial toner without alcohol after thoroughly cleansing the face to remove even the last remnants of makeup from the skin pores. This can be done with a cotton pad, or the clarifying toner is massaged in directly with the fingers. As a rule, it is completely absorbed and does not need to be washed off.

Once or twice a week, it is advisable to use moisturizing face masks if you apply makeup regularly. You can buy a ready-made product according to your needs or mix your own face masks. In addition to a fresh, youthful complexion, cosmetic masks help facial skin gain elasticity and resilience.

Face masks can be used for:

  • Dry and stressed skin,
  • impurities and pimples / acne,
  • For cleansing and regenerating the skin of the face,
  • to refine the pores,
  • against first wrinkles around the eyes and mouth,
  • or as a cure for frequent make-up application.
Environmentally friendly make-up removal with reusable make-up removal wipes

Absorbent cotton, plastic wipes and paper-containing make-up removal wipes pollute the environment. If you want to be as conscious as possible of thorough facial care with reliable removal of make-up residues, it is better to use washable make-up remover wipes. These soft microfiber wipes remove makeup exceedingly thoroughly and allow for gentle cleansing with or without skin care products.

After use, they can be easily rinsed under the tap, but every few weeks the makeup remover wipes should be washed in the washing machine at 60 °C and rinsed with vinegar if necessary.

Vinegar is a sharp, natural remedy against mold, fungi and microorganisms such as bacteria. If the skin produces a lot of sebum in youth, bacteria can multiply strongly in the face, as the ideal nutrient basis favors rapid growth. A 10-minute vinegar bath reliably kills pathogens on washable makeup removal wipes without damaging the wipes themselves.

Peeling for a radiantly beautiful appearance

Skin clarifying peelings usually work with micro plastic particles. Organically produced care products can also contain algae parts for the peeling effect, but unfortunately most articles from the health food store are not completely free of plastics. Play it safe with a washable exfoliating glove that you can use over and over again.

Apply a cleansing milk or facial cleansing lotion directly to the coarse-fibered glove. It is helpful to moisten the peeling glove a little, so that the cleansing active ingredients can be distributed more easily on the face. Clean the exfoliating glove thoroughly after each use, washing it as often as reusable makeup removal wipes.

Thoroughly remove all makeup residues with micellar water

If you primarily use waterproof makeup because you play sports with makeup on or sweat more often in the summer, you can get rid of stuck-on makeup residues gently and thoroughly with micellar water.

This top-of-the-line facial cleanser combines the cleansing elements of a makeup remover with the clarifying effects of facial toner: Simply apply undiluted micellar water to the makeup remover cloth and cleanse the face reliably. At the same time, pimples are prevented, as the valuable ingredients reliably dissolve impurities even deep from the skin pores.

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