Learn modern acupuncture method – in only one week!

Learn Modern Acupuncture Method – in just one week!

Do you want to develop as a therapist/healer/doctor and work at a high level as an acupuncturist?? Then you should take a look at additional training in the methods of „Modern Acupuncture according to Boel“ (MAB).

In just 7 days you can learn one of the best acupuncture methods currently available and help up to 90% of your patients. With the ten Modern Acupuncture Methods that the Danish Acupuncturist John Boel developed (MAB), you will reach your goal faster and work more effectively.

This is acupuncture without detour – directly from the point!

It all started in the late 1990s with the new revolutionary method „AcuNova„: Acupuncture, which no longer works via the meridians like the Chinese variant, but via the nerve pathways.

Around all joints on the human body are very sensitive reflex points, which are connected via the nervous system with various parts of the brain.

From there, the affected body parts are then influenced and the body’s own healing process is activated. AcuNova gives the starting signal for this self-healing process.

More Modern Acupuncture Methods by John Boel

Another nine Modern acupuncture methods were developed on this basis by John Boel:

  • AcuLine,
  • AcuChronic,
  • AcuDNA,
  • AcuStomach,
  • AcuSpine,
  • AcuKing,
  • AcuOne,
  • AcuMagic
  • and AcuKnee.

When used in combination, this results in a new, unique synergistic effect within acupuncture treatment that significantly increases the chances of healing. In addition, there is eye acupuncture, which can be used for several eye diseases.

The MAB plus points:

  • 1. You get much faster results.
  • 2. You are able to help much more patients.
  • 3. They learn which methods they can use and combine for the different diseases (synergy effect!).

To date, it is estimated that more than 25 million treatments have been performed by the approximately 6.000 physicians and other health professionals from about 50 countries who have completed at least one or more MAB courses.

MAB courses are available throughout Germany Nine German lecturers have been trained in the methods of Modern Acupuncture according to Boel at the Acupuncture University in Aulum, Denmark.

These instructors offer multi-day courses throughout Germany, u.a. a 2-day eye acupuncture course and then the ten MAB methods in a total of two modules. The complete training program is only 7 days.

Acupuncture Universitetet, John Boel, Industrivej Nord 22, DK-7490 Aulum, Denmark, Tel.: 0045 40579400. The acupuncture university in Aulum is one of the largest and leading acupuncture training centers in Europe.

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