Food for male sexual health and stamina

What foods are good for male sexual health and stamina?

That food can have an aphrodisiac effect, that has long been known.

Thus, there are one or two ingredients in foods that can stimulate the production of pleasure-enhancing hormones.

But also the better blood circulation can lead to the fact that it goes in the bed again somewhat more excitingly to the thing.

But what foods should you focus on when it comes to experiencing exciting hours?


Not everyone likes oysters, but if you consider the effect, you can overlook the consistency and indulge in a serving.

For oysters can ensure that you “can” longer, more intense as well as better – you just have to get the oysters down, you can look forward to hot nights as a reward.

Olive oil

Olive oil has been called the healthiest food for thousands of years.

The antioxidant properties can protect against disease, the fatty acids can help the production of the body’s hormones.

In addition, the olive has long been the symbol of purity, power, but also fertility.


A juicy steak is full of protein, trace elements and can provide one with strength. In the end, the steak also has an impact on the hot night of love.

However, one must be careful here: some studies have come to the conclusion that 300 grams of red meat/day can promote heart disease.


Eggs also contain trace elements, such as zinc, selenium and potassium, which can have a positive effect on potency.

Above all, eggs are recommended when it comes to reproduction. Because the combination of trace elements can improve sperm quality.


The avocado is particularly rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids and is a classic aphrodisiac.

So if you plan to spend quality time with your partner, buy enough avocados and make a spread – especially recommended with garlic and tomatoes.

Sometimes you can opt for the combination: A purchase at start and then eat avocados for further support.


There are several studies that prove that nuts can have an aphrodisiac effect. Nuts are full of healthy fats, fiber as well as vitamins and can stimulate natural hormone production.

In addition, there are also certain types of nuts that can have a positive influence on sperm quality.


There are fatty sea fish such as tuna, herring and salmon, which are full of omega-3 fatty acids. The omega 3 fatty acids can stimulate blood circulation.

A better blood circulation has quite effects on the “best piece” of the man.


The chili pod is often referred to as “natural Viagra”. In fact, there are studies that prove that the “pungent” is a “pungent”.

Chili ensures that the happy hormone endorphin is released

This means that the chili really gets the circulation going. Above all, the chili ensures that the happiness hormone endorphin is released, which can stimulate blood circulation.


Probably the healthiest vegetable that can be put on the plate is broccoli. Above all, broccoli is rich in potassium, calcium, zinc, as well as iron and sodium – the combination can stimulate the natural production of hormones.


There are several berry fruits that can have an impact on love life – this includes the blueberry.

Above all, the blueberry scores with large amounts of antioxidants such as iron, vitamin C as well as magnesium and other cell-preserving protective substances

It can also prevent the formation of calcium deposits.

Other recommended and less recommended foods

Other foods that can be recommended include nutmeg, ginger as well as pomegranates, parsley, oysters, truffles, vanilla, figs as well as cocoa.

Licorice, beer, tonic water as well as chips or schnitzel, on the other hand, are foods you should stay away from if you are still planning intense moments.

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