Milk thistle oil – applications for health and skin care

Milk thistle oil for health and skin care

Milk thistle oil is unfortunately still relatively unknown, although there are many different possible applications. In this article, we turn our attention to the beneficial properties of this unique oil. It can be used well for health, in skin care, as massage oil or in cooking.

Milk thistle oil – What it is?

Milk thistle is a medicinal plant from the Mediterranean region. It is known for many centuries.

Already in the Middle Ages it was cultivated for example by the abbess Hildegard von Bingen in monastery gardens. Since then, the plant enjoys growing popularity and is now considered an important liver herb.

In fact the effects on the liver are likewise best investigated: In several hundred studies the welfare plant was already examined and many effects could be scientifically proven so.

Milk thistle oil is obtained from the seeds of the thistle. These are somewhat similar to those of the sunflower and can be harvested in the fall after flowering. This is best done with a machine, as the process can become painful due to size and spikes.

In general, milk thistle seeds and thus also the oil come from agriculture, the thistle is not suitable for wild collections. Cultivation areas are mainly in Germany, Austria and Hungary.

How to recognize high quality milk thistle oil?

In addition to the growing conditions, the production process is important for the quality of the oil. Here, much emphasis should be placed on a gentle cold pressing of the seeds. This is the only way to preserve the valuable components of the oil. Here, especially the sensitive unsaturated oleic acids are preserved.

In addition, it is recommended to choose a product of organic quality. So not only is the farming organic and sustainable, the oil is also free of pollutants such as pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals.

If you would like to learn more about the selection of a high-quality organic milk thistle oil, you can get more information here: https://mariendistel-info.en/products/oil/.

Ingredients of milk thistle oil

The main active ingredient in milk thistle is called silymarin. This is a secondary plant substance with many effects on human health. Furthermore, the oil contains high amounts of omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E.

It is this combination that makes the oil so valuable, as vitamin E is fat-soluble and can only be absorbed in combination with fat. Vitamin E is also highly antioxidant and protects our cells from the influence of free radicals.

Effect of milk thistle oil

Milk thistle oil has some beneficial effects for health. Responsible for this is the active ingredient silymarin found in the seeds. Among other things, the following effects are known:

    • Liver & Bile: The best researched is the effect of silymarin on the liver. The complex protects the cells of the organ and thus has at least a preventive effect on many liver diseases. Milk thistle also stimulates the flow of bile. This promotes metabolism and helps to eliminate toxins. Often, therefore, the plant is used for detox cures of the liver. By the way, a well-functioning liver also ensures mental health.
      • Lose weight: Milk thistle oil contains bitter substances, which also include silymarin. These not only inhibit the appetite, so that quite automatically less is eaten, but also stimulate the metabolism. Carbohydrates from food are utilized directly and not stored as fat reserves. A substitute for a healthy lifestyle is of course still not milk thistle oil.
        • Lactation: Milk thistle preparations stimulate milk production in women during the breastfeeding period, as many studies have now shown. A recent study from 2018 can be viewed here, unfortunately it is only available in English.
          • Cancer: During conventional cancer therapy, which often consists of chemotherapy, alternative physicians often make use of the protective properties of milk thistle. Thus, the strong side effects of the therapies can be somewhat mitigated and the liver can be protected from the drugs. The use of milk thistle in this context often increases the general well-being.
          • Skin: Especially with acne the application of milk thistle oil seems to produce good results. This is shown not only by studies but also by the experience of acne patients.

          Possible applications of milk thistle oil

          Various application possibilities are suitable for milk thistle oil. Due to its exceptionally good taste can be used well for salads and dressings.

          However, it is not suitable for cooking and frying, as important active ingredients would be destroyed during heating. On the other hand, those who travel a lot will prefer to rely on the uncomplicated intake as milk thistle oil capsules.

          In fact, milk thistle oil is very good for skin care. It can be used, for example, on a cotton pad to remove makeup or for a soothing massage.

          This application also affects the collagen contained in the skin, so milk thistle oil can be used here as an anti-aging agent.


          Milk thistle oil offers many possible applications due to its unique active ingredient silymarin. Of course, it is not a miracle drug and the conventional medical treatment of diseases must not be interrupted because of the use of the medicinal plant.

          In the same way, in case of doubt, always consult a doctor. We would like to point out that self-diagnosis and self-treatment are associated with serious risks.

          Nevertheless, milk thistle can be used in many cases as a supportive measure. Many medical studies prove the effects of the plant.

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