Periodontosis – a natural solution, periodontal gum care gel

Natural biological solution for periodontal disease

Historians could certainly write many pages about research into the causes and treatment methods of periodontal disease.
This inflammatory disease, which dentists have long made the focus of an intensive scientific search for ever more suitable treatment methods, is regrettably on the rise.

The harmful health effects of periodontitis, as the disease is called in medical circles, are considerable. Sensitive gums, bleeding gums, loss of teeth, and even secondary diseases that should not be underestimated are the reasons for the intensive efforts to find an effective cure. Unfortunately, the results so far are not always undisputed in their broadly effective chances of success.

Healing on a natural basis

The dentist and dental Prof. hc. Dr. med. dent. Ismail Özkanli has now developed and made available a new patented product, Parodont Gum Care Gel, with which the causes of periodontal disease can be comprehensively and successfully combated. The basis of this periodontal gum care gel is Egyptian black cumin oil.

Already in ancient times, its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, combined with a very good tolerance without harmful side effects, was known. In years of research and numerous subsequent practical tests, the positive properties and healing effect of this natural substance could now also be adopted in dentistry.

Counteracting the causes of periodontal disease

The application of the gel leads to the elimination of harmful bacteria, the reattachment of the gums to the tooth, the reduction of gingival pockets and the disappearance of inflammation. The harmful causes of periodontal disease are eliminated.

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And that’s not all. The periodontal gum care gel is not only an effective remedy against periodontal disease. It can also be used for gum problems and a number of other conditions such as u.a. Herpes, aphthae or pressure sores caused by dentures, the product does a good job.

Periodontal gum care gel – effective remedy for home use

In addition, the periodontal gum care gel as a proven remedy is very easy to use at home. After cleaning the teeth, it is applied to the gums with a finger. A simple and promising periodontal treatment and, moreover, an effective periodontitis prevention for everyone.

And last but not least: In addition to the excellent dental effectiveness of black cumin oil, this natural base is at the same time a prerequisite for the gel to be produced and distributed inexpensively.

The application of periodontal gum care gel has been proven to combat the causes of periodontal disease. It does not replace the daily careful oral hygiene and also not the regular control examination of the dentist in any case.

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