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Day after day, cosmetics manufacturers promise us beauty and eternal youth. In perfumeries and drugstores countless beauty products are sold, which are supposed to make the skin firmer and younger.

But the billion-dollar business with beauty products has a big catch. Many ingredients in make-up, creams & Co. can make ill and are even carcinogenic.

Natural cosmetics on the Internet order – What everyone should pay attention to!

Now a new trend is taking hold: Natural cosmetics. Here, too, there are major differences in the biological and ecological quality of the products.

Only if at least 50 percent of all ingredients in a product are of natural origin is it considered organic cosmetics.

Buy natural cosmetics online – Pros and cons

Among the advantages of ordering on the Internet is clearly the wide variety of offers. On the Internet, customers can buy almost any cosmetic product that is available, both from Germany and from abroad.

But it is precisely there that certain risks are hidden. Often the shipping costs are higher or there are communication problems if the cosmetic products do not meet the personal expectations and are to be claimed.

A major disadvantage of online purchases is also that the ordered products can not be tested beforehand. Spontaneous purchases are therefore always associated with a greater risk.

Who already knows the one or other product, however, should have no difficulties here.

Positive: The great competition on the Internet means that the same products are offered at very different prices. An online price comparison brings out the cheapest store with just a few clicks.

In addition, numerous vouchers and discounts can be found on the Internet. In addition, customers save a lot of time and effort, as the products are delivered directly to their homes.


With natural cosmetics, it is generally important to pay attention to the authenticity, regardless of whether it is purchased in a specialty store or on the Internet via an online store.

If you use certain products regularly and already know them, you can save a lot of money by ordering online. Otherwise, everyone must decide for themselves whether to order cosmetic products online.

If you have found the provider you trust, you are on the safe side.

We recommend, for example, the natural cosmetics from

Customers can also get care tips here, for example for facial care, body oils and massages, cleansing or proper care during pregnancy.

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