ADS – lectures, seminars on how to deal with ADS children

Lectures, seminars on dealing with ADHD children

Hyperactive children (ADS children) have been a topic in the media for years and this topic is more topical than ever, due to the growing propensity of students to violence at school and in the home environment. More and more. There is almost no school class in which children do not stand out negatively.

  • What are the causes of ADD?
  • How to help?
  • What are the alternatives?
  • What are the feasible changes in everyday life?

I would like to inform you about this in lectures and seminars and give you practical tips that can easily be carried out in everyday life.

I come gladly into your mechanism.

I would like to introduce myself briefly:
My name is Barbara Dose. Since 1993 I have been working in my own practice mainly with children who come to me with the diagnosis of ADS. Through various training courses and my many years of experience, I have developed my own treatment concept based on alternative methods for children with learning and behavioral problems, which also includes a concept for prevention and help for self-help for parents with feasible tips for everyday life.

Content of the lectures and seminars

  • Neurophysiological developmental support for the maturation of the central nervous system, a movement exercise program developed by the Institute for Neurophysiological Psychology in Chester / England. Through a sophisticated exercise program, the brain receives a „second chance“ to mature and thus develop all mental and emotional abilities.
  • Nutrition, allergies – What happens in the intestine, our „abdominal brain“ and what influence does this have on behavior and learning ability
  • Metabolism in ADS
  • Finding disbalances and then balancing the child’s energies with the help of kinesiology, which combines ancient experiences from traditional Chinese medicine with new findings from brain research and Jin Shin Jyutsu.
  • KISS-Syndrome
  • Tips for everyday life
  • Exercise program to promote child development

I look forward to a personal conversation to introduce you to my work.

With kind regards
Barbara Dose, alternative practitioner
Neurophysiological development promoter NDT / INPP®

HP Barbara Dose
Barbara Dose Naturopath
Wittenauer Str. 145/18
D- 13469 Berlin

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