CyberBeauty – The perfect anti-wrinkle concept

CyberBeauty – The perfect anti-wrinkle concept

True beauty comes from within. But we can also help a little from the outside. For every beauty problem there are numerous remedies, which often promise more than they work. A targeted beauty care is not that complicated if you know the processes in the skin exactly. Whether wrinkles, pigment spots, red veins or sagging skin: for every problem there are effective treatment options that you can do yourself.

Beauty secrets

Main age accelerators are and remain the micro-inflammations in the skin cells. They are caused by sugar molecules in the blood. But smoking and UV radiation also contribute enormously to skin aging. So if you want to look young for as long as possible, you should eat lots of ORACs, foods with a high radical scavenging potential, not smoke and protect your skin from UV light. Quite simply by using a day cream with high light protection. It is best to use a nourishing baby sunscreen with micropigments for the face. Every day!

Wound protection against wrinkles

Something can also be done externally against micro-inflammations of the skin cells. In wound healing research, it has been found that not only wound healing, but also skin aging can be effectively treated with the appropriate active ingredients. After all, skin aging is nothing more than ongoing damage to the skin’s tissue structure. As with a wound, special active ingredients can helpfully intervene in the healing process and thus accelerate regeneration. The best anti-wrinkle creams therefore contain typical active ingredients from wound healing research. Just try a baby wound protection cream as a night cream. This would make your anti-wrinkle care perfect.

The best active ingredients in wound healing u.a.:

– Allantoin
– Bisabolol
– calendula
– Hyaluronic acid
– panthenol
– Zinc oxide

Even more anti-aging tips can be found in the book CyberBeauty.

CyberBeauty – The incredible abduction into the distant future
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