Colds – Helpful plants for coughs and colds

Plants and home remedies for a cold

With the first autumn storm, everyone knows it now, the damp and cold season is approaching in giant steps and with it the frequency of a cold and the onslaught of influenza viruses.

Those who have already built up their immune defenses in the months before will often have to deal with less troublesome symptoms.

But how do you build up your immune system and what can I do if I catch a cold or even the flu??

Let us first be honest, a Cold, as well as a Flu, It takes time for all symptoms to disappear.

The decision, however, whether this is done with chemical or herbal remedies is entirely up to you.

But you may also be unsure which plants are helpful and how you can use them profitably for yourself.

Exactly about it I would like to inform you now.

Herbal help and tea for a cold

A cold usually announces itself with scratchy swallowing, very unpleasant and annoying.

For sore throats there are Chamomile, the Sage, the Lemon or Spruce & fir which can be used.

A Camomile tincture has an anti-inflammatory effect in case of a cold. Put 5-15 drops in a glass of water 3-5 times a day and gargle with this solution.

From the sage is made a tea. Put 2 tsp of herb in a larger cup and brew it hot.

Let the Sage tea Leave to infuse for about ten minutes and then strain.

With the tea they can now rinse the mouth several times a day and also gargle. It works anti-inflammatory and disinfecting.

Those who have been industrious in the spring and fir or spruce tip syrup has produced, can now use it excellently.

Several times a day half a teaspoonful slowly melt in the mouth and/or the syrup with in the tea and drink. A very pleasant and tasty procedure.

Additionally you can use Lemon wrap the Sore throat Provide relief.

Add the juice of half a lemon to a bowl of warm water. Soak a linen cloth in it and wrap it around your neck, leaving the nape of your neck free.

This poultice should be left on for about thirty minutes, but you can always change it in between.

Herbal help for colds

After the sore throat follows the cold. If the nose has not yet become inflamed from snorting, it helps a little essential oil of mint (not for small children!) under the nose and thus get the nose a little clearer.

However, the good old Sea salt solution, which relieves the mucus.

Herbal help for cough

Are you now at the Cough If you have a sore throat, you have several options to counteract it with herbal remedies.

With the irritation of the cough also helps the Fir tip syrup, when you let it dissolve in your mouth.

Once the cough is in full swing, however, you need plants that can fight the Facilitate expectoration and have a decongestant effect.

The kitchen herb Thyme helps here prima. Put 1-2 tsp of the herb in a large cup and pour hot water over it.

Strain after ten minutes and drink in sips. In the tea, which you can drink three times a day, add honey or fir tip syrup. Very popular also here the ribwort syrup.

If you have not been able to make it yourself during the year, you can buy it in your discount store.

A ancient home recipe is also the good old onion juice. Just do not be afraid of the smell, because its effect is enormous.

For this, take two to three large onions, which are grated small or even better mashed to a pulp. Add honey (sugar also works) and mix everything very thoroughly.

The mixture must now infuse for a few hours, but soon the first juice is formed. Take one teaspoonful 4-5 times a day.

This promotes Decongestion of the lungs.

You will soon feel the result positively. Very popular for coughs also the coltsfoot. This medicinal plant blooms in early spring.

From the flowers and from the leaves that come later, a tincture or syrup can be made to combat coughing.

Herbal help for the immune system during a cold

During all this time, however, other great plants help him her immune system rebuild.

Berries from the Elderberry, from Blackthorn or the Aronia shrub bring a vast amount of vitamins, which is drunk as juice.

Here I recommend you to take simply over the day distributed times a sip to itself.

The Elderberry juice also tastes very good when warmed and then drunk in sips with honey.

The Cranberries and Goji berries you can dry yourself in the fall and then later always snack on the side.

All these ingredients, as well as fresh ginger but can also be purchased. Ginger has a very diaphoretic effect on the body.

Drink it as a tea by hot brewing two to three slices per cup. After five minutes you can drink this tea in sips. That works particularly well with Fever.

Who nevertheless with a nasty Flu lies flat, should go to the Lapacho tea reach. Lapacho is a pink-flowering tree from South America.

Its bark brings a variety of minerals and trace elements and acts in addition antibacterial and antiviral.

This natural antibiotic helps your body to defend itself better and also replenishes any stores of minerals and trace elements that may have been emptied.

In the Middle Ages, where Infection wanted to protect, were sickrooms fumigated with herbs.

This is not so far-fetched and really helped. Mostly they took for it the Sage or Rosemary. The smoke of these herbs works disinfecting.

Well, the cold season is still ahead of us. Get plenty of exercise in the fresh air, eat local fruits and vegetables, and don’t let the run-up to Christmas stress you out.

A good book by candlelight with a great tea brings relaxation. Here I recommend plant books, especially the great book “What not only herb witches should know”, where you can find all these Recipes for cold season find.

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