Pure relaxation and regeneration – wellness vacation on Tenerife

Pure relaxation: wellness vacation in Tenerife

Give yourself a time out! Recover from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the Canary Islands sun on Tenerife.

Feel drained and exhausted? Then it is time to regenerate body and mind. The Canary Island Tenerife offers you everything you need to recharge your batteries. Pleasant temperatures all year round make it possible to spend relaxing and sunny days on the island even in the winter months.

The thermometer rarely drops below 18 degrees Celsius, even in the colder months of the year. It should be noted that the island (in terms of climate) is divided into two parts. In the south of Tenerife it is always a little warmer – in the north, however, fresher and less dry. But it is beautiful, that much is certain, everywhere on the island. The nature is breathtaking.

It is also remarkable that on Tenerife you will find the highest mountain in Spain, the Pico del Teide. The volcanic mountain, whose top is usually covered with snow, towers over the island – which, by the way, is only 250 kilometers from Morocco – with a height of 3718 meters.

Health benefits: sunlight and sea air

Who does not know it: gray and rainy autumn and winter days beat on the mind. The mood is at zero and some people suffer so much from the lack of light and sun that they develop winter depression. Do not wait for the weather to improve. Pack your things and fly towards the sun.

Tenerife is not considered the island of the “eternal spring” for nothing. Once you have spent your vacation on the volcanic island, you will gladly come back again. The fantastic climate alone will quickly make you feel more balanced and healthy. Decreased vitamin D levels quickly return to normal thanks to sunlight. The valuable vitamin is important, it positively influences bone density, lowers the risk of developing diabetes and can even prevent the development of some types of cancer.

Also many allergy sufferers who suffer from skin or respiratory diseases swear by spending their vacations in Tenerife. There are no plants or trees that cause allergic reactions due to their pollen. The air is fresh and clean, the constant Atlantic breeze lets you breathe deeply.

Time and again, travelers report that their state of health has improved significantly during their wellness vacation on Tenerife.

Wellness, Yoga and Thalasso on Tenerife

On the largest island of the Canary archipelago you will find many hotels with wellness areas. If you like this, you can book a “complete” wellness vacation in one of these resorts. However, if you are looking for peace and quiet – and you would like to determine your daily routine alone – it is a good idea to spend your stay in Tenerife in a private accommodation.

Everywhere on the island you will find nice apartments, vacation apartments or vacation houses. Here you are guaranteed to find the privacy you need to “switch off” and can put together your own individual wellness program. On the sunny island you will find numerous wellness centers and spas that offer great treatments for day guests. Thermal areas and fitness rooms await you. You can enjoy packs and massages or relax with yoga and tai chi.

Thalasso therapies are also recommended, which fully rely on the healing effects of fresh sea water, algae, sand, mud, sun and sea air. The treatment method not only has a positive effect on rheumatism, respiratory and skin diseases, but the therapy can also be used to treat stress symptoms and general states of exhaustion.

The treatment detoxifies your body, ensures optimal blood circulation and can naturally lower the heart rate. The therapy is also considered a true “fountain of youth”, so it is supposed to counteract and effectively delay the aging process. Good views, don’t you think?

Caution: If you suffer from high blood pressure or hyperthyroidism, thallaso may not be suitable for you. Be sure to talk to your doctor beforehand. Pregnant women, people with circulatory disorders and cancer patients should also seek urgent advice beforehand.

Sports and hiking

In addition to the offers from the wellness area, you can perceive numerous sport offers on Tenerife. The island is not only considered a mecca for water sports enthusiasts, it is also a true paradise for hikers. Especially if you want to do something good for body and soul, it is a good idea to have your walking shoes in your luggage.

You will find hiking trails for every requirement on Tenerife. Exercise in the fresh air is guaranteed to do you good. What are you waiting for? Discover the volcanic island and let your vacation become a “spa vacation”.

You can find more information for your travel planning in the Tenerife travel guide by Ferienhaus Canarias.

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