Home sauna – relaxing sauna enjoyment and health benefits

Home sauna – sweat yourself healthy

Regular visits to the sauna or home sauna can be very healthy: the sweat bath is known to have many health effects – preventive and therapeutic.

But if neither gym, swimming pool or Finland are nearby, sauna lovers should consider building a home sauna.

Sauna construction at home (home sauna) – how to do it?

Busy do-it-yourselfers can build their own sauna room. For this purpose, ready-made parts, for example, from the Internet, can be assembled.

You can also construct and assemble the entire room yourself – in this case, instructions from the Internet or a home improvement magazine are recommended.

A ready sauna room can be found in any well-stocked hardware store or on the Internet. EAGO Germany offers high-quality saunas, for example models made of fragrant cedar wood or high-quality pine wood.

When buying should pay special attention to the size: an average prefabricated sauna is usually over two meters high and does not fit in all rooms.

Dodging into the basement, attic or outside prevents a frantic search for a smaller model.

The alternative: buy sauna kit

Alternatively, of course, you can buy a sauna, which is then delivered disassembled in a kit and then with a few simple steps can be built yourself.

Some suppliers have specialized in offering high-quality kits and you can assume high quality and good coordination of sauna wood, stove, electrics and accessories.

Saunas.org offers here a good overview of offered sauna models in the trade and gives useful purchase criteria.

Health benefits of a sauna visit

Whether in the own four walls or in a strange sauna: the sweat bath is in each case beneficial to the health.

The increased body temperature, similar to a fever, destroys pathogens and is therefore helpful for inflammations, colds and infectious diseases.

Since sweating dilates the blood vessels in the skin, sauna bathing slows down skin aging and cleanses the skin gently but thoroughly.

The activation of the sweat glands also helps against dry skin. The subsequent change of temperature in the cold bath relaxes the muscles, lowers blood pressure and stimulates the circulation, immune system and metabolism.

In case of thrombosis, varicose veins and cardiovascular diseases, nothing stands in the way of a visit to the sauna after prior consultation with the doctor. Older people should also consult their doctor beforehand if necessary.

Home sauna – Sweat yourself healthy in your own four walls

A sauna session has a variety of medical effects – from hardening to skin cleansing to the relief of thrombosis pain.

With a home sauna (whether delivered, self-assembled or DIY), the relaxing pleasure of a sauna and the health benefits come into your own four walls.

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